Trans Border Xpress Inc. has been serving several industries since it was first established in 2008. We provide our Services to leading Customers in the automotive, retail and aeronautics industry.

Over the years, our relationships have grown consistently. We serve hundreds of shippers each day with their urgent needs. We have built long lasting, excellent relationships with a wide variety of Canadian and U.S carriers including the tops ones in North America.

Trans Border has been a licensed motor carrier providing shipping services both locally and in the U.S; having infrastructures (offices/warehouses) and fleets scattered across the continent, we are able to deliver the quality of services our Clients deserve. We work with a team of highly qualified drivers and dispatchers that uphold high standards of excellence and safety.

The values of Trans Border are reflected in our day to day operations where we train our staff to have a very strong focus towards Customer Service. We treat their problems and needs as our own while we thrive to offer them the very best the Company has to offer.

Trans Border is an organization that believes in constantly improving. We manage your freight using cutting edge technology and are constantly adapting our business to meet the changes in technology and regulatory requirements in the transportation industry.