The well being of our team is paramount for the success at Trans Border. We promote a healthy work life balance to our staff by accommodating the shifts that suits best with their lifestyle. We are constantly training and coaching our employees on the importance of health and hold sessions with the teams to have open discussions on the topic. Our utmost priority is the well being of our team. We constantly seek feedbacks from our staff to ensure no one is feeling over worked and unable to achieve work life balance. We ensure that our drivers are not spending more time on the road than authorized by the law and more than they can handle.


Safety is one of the most important values by which each member of our team lives by daily. It takes people to keep a company safe. We hire on the premise that every employee at Trans Border plays a role in keeping our customers, the public and our own workers safe, in everything we do.

When we hire drivers, we perform extensive background checks and ensure they undergo a robust screening process to ensure they are right for us and our valued customers! We will only hire people who handle your freight safely, and always maintain the environment we do business in, safe and secure… without exceptions.


Looking after our environment is a duty of everyone; we take this very seriously at Trans Border. We operate state of the art equipments. We rigorously and regularly maintain all trucks no matter what. To fuel consumption, majority of Trans Border’s fleet runs on wide-based, low-rolling resistance tires. Additionally, all trucks are governed and monitored by satellite.

Our dedication to protecting the environment does not stop with our fleet. Trans Border’s drivers are among the best in the industry. With regular Training Programs, we ensure our drivers are fully aware of best industry practices and compliance requirements. Our commitment to stay green is not just practiced on the roads but in our offices and warehouses as well; whether it is by planning the most efficient route for the shipment without compromising our customer service, or installing energy efficient lighting on our premises or even reducing the amount of paper we consume at our offices. We want to make sure Trans Border stays on top when it comes to looking after the environment.


Maintaining the highest quality standards is a priority at Trans Border. We implement this in our business through the establishment, monitoring, and improvement of our quality objectives.

We have always been committed to quality initiatives that are designed to improve customer satisfaction. Several of them involve providing on-time delivery and hassle free services to our clients. Our teams are trained with a high focus on the quality of customer service that Trans Borders expects them to deliver. Employee training and coaching takes place constantly through orientation programs and Lessons Learned sessions developed for all key activities within the organization.

Trans Border maintains several metrics to measure its quality performance with our Clients and we ensure that the data is shared with the appropriate teams to implement actions to always improve the metrics to ensure we are always working to exceed expectations. Some examples of such metrics include on-time performance. Arrival times and customer feedbacks. We have the right technology in place to generate this data for us that we constantly analyze with the goal of improving daily on our operations.


The success of our operations relies on cutting edge technology and ensuring we are ahead of the curve when it comes to solutions that are available within the transportation industry. This ability allows us to offer the most advance solutions to our customers that ensures that the freight is being monitored constantly and the right information is being provided to our customers for their piece of mind when their shipment is moving.


Diversity is viewed as a source of great strength at Trans Border. Discrimination is never tolerated in our business and we offer equal opportunities to all based on capabilities and experience. we promote an inclusive culture that makes every one feel part of one team.